Cubase 10 crashes on opening or creating new project


I’m having trouble with C10 on my home setup. It has become unusable since I cannot open any project or create new one. It crashes every time leaving me with an error window.
In some cases, after I press “cancel” to supress new warnings, I can use File/Exit to quit the program, but in a lot of cases it locks itself that I can’t even end task it in the task manager. Restarting windows in that case is my only option.
I’ve tried renaming vst folders to rule out if it’s some rogue plugin but it didn’t help. And it makes no sense it’s plugin related since it crashes also on crating new project without any plugin loaded.
Could it be related to the fact that windows updated itself some time ago?
I must add that on the same machine I have Cubase versions 8.5, 9 and 9.5 installed and they work without problems!

My config is Windows 10 Home, 64bit, Cubase v10.0.30, Intel i5-3570, 8gb ram, M-audio Profire 2626

I have attached crashdump if you can help me



Cubase 64bit 2019.9.2 (446 KB)


The crash is in the atig6txx.dll. It seems to be some ATI (graphics card) DLL file. Is it possible, this DLL appeard in Cubase VST plug-ins folder?

If not, use google to search for a solution with this DLL, please.

Thank you Martin!
This solved my problem. File that crashed Cubase was part of the ATI graphic card driver or possibly Catalyst software. I suppose it got updated along with Windows update. I have removed the old graphics card and moved my monitor to motherboard graphics and it’s working now.