Cubase 10 crashes permanently

Cheers folks,

I’ve already contacted the support, but I read that it can take some time for the support team to respond so I thought that I will post a topic here in the forum.

I’ve built a new audio computer two weeks ago, because my old one was outdated. Specs: i79700k CPU, Gigabyte Z370 Motherboard, KalmX Geforce 1050i Graphic Card, RME HDSP 9632 PCI sound card, 2x UAD PCIe DSP Cards (1x Octo & 1x Solo).
My old system was a windows 7 system and ran with cubase 7.5. I NEVER EVER had issues due to unstability.
I heard that Cubase 10 works better with modern CPU’s (and Windows 10), so I updated my Cubase 7.5 to 10.

I’ve assambled my new PC, installed Windows 10, installed my RME sound Card drivers, installed Universal audio driver, installed some third party VST’s, installed Cubase and than I started my software.
Everything worked fine and seemed to be very proper.
I’ve worked for 1/2 hours with my Cubase… Created maybe 8-10 audio tracks and had like 6-8 universal audio cambridge EQ’s running. (no other VST’s involved) CPU didn’t even recognize it was working and my DSP load was like 2-3%. No workload for the hardware at all.
after 1/2 hours Cubase immediatly starts crashing. And after it crashed the first time, it crashes permanently. (Only when I’m in the project. cubase lets me load my project but after 1sec-2mins it crashes)The program just quits without any error messages or sth like that. At least cubase creates crash dumps that I could report to the cubase guys.
I’ve changed sample rates/buffer sizes and even unplugged my graphic card (because I read in a forum that cubase 10 has problems with some graphic cards (what?! :smiley:))… no chance. Cubase crashes either immediatly after start up or at the latest after 2 minutes.

Maybe somebody here had some simiilar issues? Any problem between Universal Audio and Cubase?? Problems between Windows 10 and Cubase?

If the support won’t fix my problem I will probably try to downgrade to Cubase version 7.5/9.5 or sth and wait till Steinberg will release a stable product for my system.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve installed all the latest drivers for my hardware, because I don’t have a CD drive. So I downloaded the latest drivers for all of my stuff from the net two weeks ago.


EDIT: I’ve just reopened the project and when I don’t play any audio it seems to be stable. (For about 30/40mins now) I don’t touch anything and cubase doesn’t crash. But when I start to play audio it crashes again…


Make sure all your plug-ins are up-to-date.

If you have lots of crashes, try to trash Cubase preferences (rename the preferences folder) and don’t forget to rename even an older Cubase preferences folder.

Try reinstall Cubase (from the full installer).

If it doesn’t help, attach *.dmp files (the latests files) from the Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps folder.

Same problem here. Every new project I built with Cubase 10 worked fine so far. But today I wanted to work on a project I created with Cubase 9 - and it is impossible. It crashes within two minutes, mostly earlier. Very frustrating. And there doesn’t seem to be any pattern when it crashes. It just crashes when it is played. Since this is a project that is in the end stadium it would be way to much effort to check every used plugin for compatibility. :frowning:


Same as it was written… Could you attach a dump file please? Maybe I can read it if it which plug-in is faulty.

I think in my case the problem isn’t caused by incompatible plugins… I only used universal audio plug ins in my session and I think all the UA stuff is supported.
Yesterday I played around with my project a little bit and when I set the buffer size to 32 samples I had stable 30minutes before I closed the project manually. So I think in my case it has sth to do with the playback engine/ASIO sth like that… With higher buffer rates the project crashes as reported above.

I haven’t had time to delete cubase from my PC and re-install, but I will try the next days and report here.

(I’ll add a few crash dumps to the attachments)
Cubase 64bit 2019.5.25 (722 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2019.5.25 (721 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2019.5.25 (640 KB)

I wish I could. The project crashed a dozen times yesterday, but no dump file was created. It simply says “Cubase doesn’t work anymore” and that’s it.


Please, search the forum. There are some tools mentioned, how to get a dump from the system. (Sorry, I’m not Windows expert.)


You are right, this crash is not in plug-ins. It’s an known issue, which should be fix in the next update.

I’ve in Cubase 10 hell ever since I updated. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled. Steinberg/Yamaha suspects 10 is not compatible with my graphics card. My computer was custom built and pretty new and runs Cubase 8.5 beautifully. I was told that my case would be esculated to Germany but have not heard anything back so far. I’m running the latest version in Windows 10. Another strange thing is that Cubase is not showing in crash reports for 10. Only for 8.5, which there weren’t many there. I’m about the throw my hands up and except that I shouldn’t have spent the $200 to upgrade when 8.5 works just fine. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. It was also be great to hear back from Steinberg. Thanks for reading…

Today Cubase crashed basically as soon as I opened it, empty project. I’m not believe it!
Cubase 64bit 2019.9.11 (836 KB)

I can’t even generate a crash report…


Could you try to start Cubase in Safe Start Mode?

And could you try to reinstall Cubase (make sure you install from the unpacked folder and as an administrator, please)?


Could you use Microsoft ProcDump utility, to generate a crash dump file, please?

Thanks, I already uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ll try the ProcDump utility asap.

Same here. Cubase 10 Artist just keeps crashing at random.
I thought I’d fixed it by making sure all of the drivers were up to date and even replaced the keyboard USB cable.
But no. There’s no crash report generated so haven’t a clue what it is.
The latest thing to happen is when launching Cubase, the Steinberg Hub: News and Tutorials fails to load, just a blank panel.
I’m new to the world of DAW but this software seems quite enreliable.


If you are on Windows, try to use Microsoft ProcDump utility to get a crash dump, please.

Ok, I’ve downloaded ProcDump. Do I need to launch it maually and if so, what parameters do I use?
Also, where does it save the files?
I’d hoped that the recent Cubase update would fix the problem but it hasn’t.


I’m sorry, I don’t know, I have never used it. But several users here on the forum did.

Please read ProcDump documentation.


If things got that bad and it was a new build… I’d simply build it again, benchmark it, intel XTU, CPUID, Cinebench etc. After achieving a stable PC instal Cubase before the other VST’s.

Put your build in your sig, it helps people help.

Actually, I updated my eLicenser and it seems to have fixed the crashing. Knock on wood, I’ve had 2 days straight with 3 hour sessions each and 10 has been working great. I’m sort of surprised that solution wasn’t suggested. But I appreciate the support. Best to all.