cubase 10 crashes variaudio

just install cubase 10 . crash every 2 minutes while doing variaudio. any idea ?


Could you attach a crash dump file located in macOS Console utility, in the User Reports folder, please?

This doesn’t happen for me on my Mac Pro. Might be a plugin issue? Did you try the age-old Cubase occasional remedy for lots of problems by trashing Preferences?

Yes your preferences from 8.5 are mucking up your C10 prefs, trash the prefs and it will probably go away

It was after day one with cubase 10 . a couple of days after it stopped from happening

Thanks everybody !

I’m having the same problem on High Sierra with version 10. I wrote a separate post about this on the forum. Even after I started the program is sage mode without preferences. Is that the same as trashing them in the sense that the program will not see them? Or do I actually have to go to the folder in the Mac library and remove the preference is completely from being seen? Subtle difference but maybe important? Thanks.