Cubase 10 crashes when loading up a project from 9.5


I just installed the cubase 10 pro. First thing I was trying to do is to open a project I was working on a couple days ago in cubase 9.5 pro.
It gave me two errors and crashed after that.

I tried opening a few other projects and the same exact thing happened. The whole point of upgrading from 9.5 to 10 was for me to continue working in my 9.5 projects.

Can anyone please shine some light on what the issue is? I have windows 10 all up to date as well as my elicencer. All hardware drivers are up to date as well.

here are the crash dump files:
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.27 1.20.dmp (992 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.27 1.19.dmp (793 KB)

Thanks to quick response from steinberg team.
My issue was with outdated iLok and some plugins weren’t loading as they should have.
By installing the new version of iLok the issue dissapeared. My projects are loading up now

Now I have a new problem. I now get CPU spikes on my projects even with a huge sample buffer (2024 samples), that has never happened with cubase pro 9.5 . I used to run them at 384-512 samples buffer.
Was there something in the settings I could try toggling on or off to get the performance back?

Thanks in advance for your response!