Cubase 10 crashes when using groove agent se5 - HELP!

I’ve just upgraded cubase pro 8 to Cubase 10, and everytime I open groove agent se5 a an eror window opens : VST sound library not found (screen pic attached - ga1)
clicikng remove or ignore and after 1 minuet of use a a windows jumps: “a serious problem has occourred…” (screen pic attached -ga2) and the cubase crashes…
My operating system is windows 10 64bit
can sombody please help?..
any help will be most appriciated

I have the same problem… using windows 10 and cubase 10 pro with Grooveagent

This happened to me as well.

Hi all of us.

It apens very often to me also when loading a program onto Groove agent Se05 or when playing with it patterns pads.

  • Is there anythink incompatible with my harware config (below) ?
  • Anny check on bios to do ?

I was using Cubase since more than 20 years, with never crashes like this before …

Need help thanks to make it work normaly.

Thanks for you advice

My config
Cubase Ai10
Version 10.0.20 build 187 / MAr 212019
Everything install on an Sdd drive (primary disk)

My Hardware
Intel Core I2 Quad Q6600 3Ghz
Ram 8 Go
128 Go SSD Drive for Windows and Cubase AI
Windows 10 X64


Is there anybody alive from Steinberg in here ?
Are you working on a solution ?
Is there a chance to have at minimum a response ? (even if negative)


I found the solution on the french forum.
You have to update the visual C++ component : vc_redist.x64.exe downloadable on microsoft site
Good news, this Visual C ++ update works.
Groove agent no longer crashes.
Thanks to the french forum.

Cubase Developers : You Just have to Compile
correctly your code so that functional dependencies are not installed at the same time …
When these dependencies are no longer up to date this cause crashes …
Also no info and return from Steinberg. … distressing, not even a small return with “we look”.
remember you live with the money you get from your customers that you have to consider.
Best regards

Crash every time for me too.
Did they say on the french forum which version of the VC++ component is required. There are many and most say “Another version of this product is already installed” when I download from Microsoft, but each update/revision has a version number (14.0.24123 for example) - need to know which is missing.


Suddenly this happened to me as well, since 11 december 2019. I never had this problem before, and it all worked fine for quite a a while. But then it happened when using Groove Agent. Having said, the problems started after an update from Windows 10, do not know if that caused the problem. Updating the Visual C++ component, as suggested, did not really work either. The only thing I could do was to reload the full version of Cubase 10. I then saw that there were quite some updates of very recent dates. Nearly everything was updated. Knock on wood, but for the moment it all seems to work OK again. I guess you have to check for updates regularly, and download them when new updates are available.

Well This issue is from October in my case, there is a duplicate topic for this in the forum.