Cubase 10 crashing when loading Mix Console

Cubase 10 will occasionally crash when loading a project at the “Loading Mix Console” stage. No message is displayed, Cubase just vanishes without any warning. Windows 10 Pro version 10.0.17134 Build 17134. Crash dump attached. This has happened 4 times since installing Cubase 10.
Cubase 64bit 2018.12.2 8.25.dmp (880 KB)


The crash is in the Virus_Control. Make sure you have the latest driver and plug-in installed with your Virus HW.

Perhaps this is a duplicate of the following issue:

I’m running the latest version of the TI software, 5.1.7. I’ve had this problem before with Cubase 9.x. I guess there is not much else to do about it except what for an update from Access, which will probably be never.

My fix:

CUBASE 10 is completely useless to do the right job. After 2 weeks of use, I am still working on only one project because I can’t finish where there are 8 mono audio channel, 1 VST (Kontakt) BASS, and a drum (AD2) band. I’d like to finalize the project, but I’ll always get the CUBASE 10 (even after the upgrade) hangs and turn off the machine, saying I’ll go on later. But this is the case every day. I regret buying it!!! The 10.0.10 update didn’t help me, I would like to tell everyone who hopes! In my CrashDumps folder, I have 1 piece of 8.5 dmp and 40 10.0.5 and 10.0.10 dmp in 2 years of use Cubase! I note that I have not used any 3rd plugin, I have already turned it off and only use Cubase 10 channel strip and internal plugins. Intel I5, 16Gb DDR3, 1Tb SSD, HP ELITE BOOK 2017. I think my configuration has no problem, because 8.5 only once in 2 years it was crashed.
I find all the words here in the board superfluous. I am thinking of the next update, which is trying to solve many user complaints and wait years.

The NFO and Dump file is the key. It will tell you exactly what’s the cause of the problem. It’s worth investing some time to explore it deeply.