Cubase 10 cursor glitches

The following problem has occurred since update 10.0.3 to 10.0.6.
When processing 2 or more audio events in the warpeditor, strange cursor glitches or “mousetracks” appear when the mouse moves in the editor window (see video). I installed new GC drivers, even changed to the internal MB (MSI Z390a-pro) graphics and tested another mouse without success. In 10.0.15 it works fine, why I still have to use this version … Problem has also been reported in some forums, without a solution.
Bios is updatet, also all the drivers.

Steinberg support is apparently off, and not reachable by phone. (Waitung for an answer now for 2 weeks)
Anyone a similar problem?
screencast.rar (1.58 MB)

Hi RO70,

I can confirm this issue and I also can confirm the ridiculos behavior of Steinberg Support. No answer since 2 months regarding this issue.

Same exact issues here, and I have yet to hear anything acknowledging this as an issue. I get the issue with Chord Pads or adding in VSTs from the right side zone.

Best part is… I just formatted my computer the other day, got around to installing Cubase 10.5.12 today and surprise, the issue is STILL there!