Cubase 10 does not open project


I have the last update of cubase pro 10, and some of my old projects do not open any more, and it remains frozen during the loading of a .wav file for example … I am forced to use Ctrl Alt Sup, and kill the task. I had a lot of DMP file. How to analyze them? or find an answer to my problem? I’m thinking of a plugin problem? because I have removed a few since my old projects of several years ago. But this should not prevent the opening of the project.
I have a powerful PC with a sound card MR816X, 16GB, I7 3770K etc. …

Thank You


Make sure your plug-ins are up-to-date, please.

Try to remove plug-in path from plugin maanger and try to open poject without plug-ins. If it lods, then some plugin is the issue. Usally it’s Altiverb, Softube plugins, McDSP Plugins and some others.

Also try to run Cubase in Windows 8 compatibility mode

Antares Autotune.

Had the same problem. Deleting Prefs resolved the issue for me.

ok, thx, I will check everything you tell me

@Steve : what is “Prefs”

No solution to open dmp?


On Mac you can find the preferences folder in the ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 10. Thane this folder.