Cubase 10 - Drums Group Editing - OH's Out of Sync?

I’ve recently completed recording live drums (me) for a client’s 8 song album. The process has been the same on all songs. I first put all tracks in a group folder and engage group editing. I then comp the takes and bounce all the tracks.

Now, for some unknown reason as I’m editing the drum mix, on one song I notice that the toms are slightly off time from the overhead mics. Since I can’t figure how or why, I’ve been spending tons of time currently slip editing the toms, mostly by ear, until they sound in sync with overheads. I sometimes create midi notes from transients and blend in or replace with Slate Digital SSD4, and also Trigger 2. The same issue occurs. I thought at first it was a midi sync issue, but eventually noticed it on the live toms vs OH toms.

The first 3 songs didn’t have this issue. All drums were recorded in my studio, all using the same signal chain. Does anyone have a clue how this could happen?


Is it possible that you had lanes expanded on the toms and collapsed on the other tracks? This will put your files out of sync, it’s a hoary old bug/oversight that has been with us for years. The only workaround is to make sure you have all lanes expanded in the folder when you’re editing. A real pita when you have heaps of takes to comp on a multimiked kit.

I really don’t think anything was different regarding the drums within the group track. Wacky stuff for sure. I suppose I could go back to the original raw tracks and check, but frankly don’t have time, with 4 more songs to edit and mix. No doubt I will check more closely before I get that deep into the editing process.

Easy way to check is to duplicate the track version, disable group editing, go to the first or last event and drag them all out as far as they’ll go to the beginning or end. If the start/end points are different, you know it’s definitely out of sync.