Cubase 10 EL Generic Remote not appears

Hi everybody

I want to configure an APC 40 To launch tracks for the Arranger track , but when i go in the device setup , the generic remote not appears .
I cant add a new .

Is someone know the solution ?

Thanks in advance



No one know why ?

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Hit that + button top left on that screen and ADD the Generic Remote

Search youtube for videos about how to set-up the Generic Remote. Get ready for some confusion and frustration with this. It’s an odd, somewhat annoying, even buggy, part of the program. However, it mostly works and once you do have a working Generic Remote or several, you’ll be fine.

Keep in mind that you can have more than one Generic Remote and it is sometimes better to have smaller Generic Remotes that handle specific jobs. For example, one GR is just for Transport function and another handles Faders and so on. Be patient. It is worth the effort.