Cubase 10 Elements stops sound in YouTube

Hi everyone. Sorry this is a real newbie question but I installed Cubase 10 Elements onto my PC today and changed the speaker output to Realtek, the computers’ internal speakers. I can hear the instruments in Cubase but now have no sound in FB and YouTube videos. The only way to change this is to reset the sound in Settings on the PC, and restart the PC, but then no sounds in Cubase. Any help would great, thank you.

This may help…
Go to the Cubase>Studio>Studio Setup>VST Audio System menu and click “Release Driver when Application is in background” option.

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Depending on your audio interface it’s possible to play both windows sounds and Cubase sounds. Make sure the project sample rate matches your usual windows sample rate.

You don’t have to restart the PC, just the audio service. Open up task manager, navigate to the “services” tab and restart the “audiosrv” audio service.

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Prock and mk1x86 - Many thanks for your replies. Releasing the driver etc seems to work. Best wishes.