Cubase 10 #fail

I’ve purchased and installed Cubase Pro 10 last week, but the results are very saddening. Only four VST Instruments (LoopMash, Mystic, Prologue and Spector) function a sort of. Groove Agent and HALion Sonic don’t start up. The plug-ins can’t find instruments. I have no loops or samples. It’s not possible to install again. The shop were I bought it can’t help and advise to contact the Steinberg Helpdesk, which just ignores my questions. Anyone any advice for a desperate Cubaser?

Post your system specs as a first port of call. It should always be possible to install again, can you explain why this isn’t working?

I just posted instructions here:

I also had a nightmarish start with C10. Unfortunately the only way to solve the issues was to re-install everything cubase related. Now it works like a charm.

You have internet to post in this forum. Download the full version again and install. I certainly haven’t got this problem. Make sure you click on the proper installer. Use the steinberg download app and install from there. I have heard of people not using the full install and getting only the main program. This is user error.