Cubase 10: First midi notes aren't recording, when i recording it from the beginning of my project (track)

If i trying to record midi from the start of the project (track) first midi notes are not recording . if I make the indentation 1-2 bars and start to record - all works fine, first midi notes are recording.


Make sure you don’t play the very 1st note ahead of the Project start, please.

Might be a good idea to start projects with a bar of silence, to catch any anticipated notes etc.

ok i will try to explain another way. In Cubase 9 when i started recording from the beginning my midi notes recorded even out of bounds of bar (with grey color, not red)… then I pressed quantise button and all my midi notes were getting normal. Now, in Cubase 10 my midi notes aren’t recording if i playing to early!


I can confirm this. Reported to Steinberg.

No fix yet? I hate to improvise and start with an empty bar/measure first! That is crap…

Note: When you create a midi-track and open the editor, the fist midi-notes will be recorded, but not when you record in the project window! This is very strange! and may be reported as a bug!

This happens to me too, even if I wait for the recording to start. I’ve taken to playing the first notes intentionally behind the beat, then editing them to the first beat. This, and suggesting we start with an empty bar, are, to put it mildly, not ideal!

Can confirm this as well. Previous versions of Cubase didn’t have this problem.
It is annoying.


it may help to increase the MIDI-Catch Range in the Preferences to about 100 ms.
Preferences/Record/MIDI/MIDI Record Catch Range in ms.
This normally helps to catch the note played on the first beat. Will also push notes to the beginning of a cycle loop, if played close to the right locator.

I’ve increased the MIDI catch range to 100ms, but unfortunately the problem remains…