Cubase 10, Focusrite pro 24, Windows 10

I am using the latest Focusrite drivers, fully installed everything else, but keep getting drop outs when recording and glitches in playback where it goes silent. The drivers from Focusrite aren’t designed for cubase 10 or windows 10 so I’m having to use the nearest I can find on their website.

Is this an asio driver issue?
Should I try Asio4All instead?
Is it a Focusrite issue?

It was not a problem on Windows 10 with cubase 5 so I’m not sure why the new cubase 10 is making it have problems.

Any ideas?

I’m using the same (see signature) with no issues. What buffer setting do you have? I’m having ASIO guard turned on but I’m not sure how much difference it makes.

I ditched Focusrite for the same reason. Their drivers realy sucks.

They are okay if you just want to record a vocal, but as soon as you want to use some VSTi’s, everything starts to crack an pop.
I solved my problem by saving up some money and bought myself a pro soundcard. My advice is - stay away from the cheap stuff. If you want to make great music, you also need great equipment.