Cubase 10 freezes when alt dragging audio files into new audio channel

Hello Steinberg forum,

I encountered a new issue with Cubase 10 Pro on windows 10 running in windows 8 compatibility mode.
When I alt drag a existing audio file, with a couple effects on it, on a new audio channel my Cubase GUI freezes for the most part and opens a empty sidechain window. When I alt tab and go back constantly I can select one track at a time again but then it freezes again.
When I open task manager Cubase is not frozen and the audio stops aswell because of ASIO guard I think because it’s duplicating all the plugins.

Shown in the picture is what I see when it’s stuck.

This doesn’t happen in all my projects and just randomly occurs in projects so I can’t reproduce the issue everytime.


Do I understand you right, that you have an Audio event (probably short cut of a longer? audio file). Is there any Direct Offline Process used on the Audio event? Or are the plug-ins used as an Inserts on the Audio track? Then you copy the Audio event to another track, right? The Side Chain window appears, and GUI becomes frozen. Do I understand it right?

The plugins are used as a insert on the Audio track. And the I drag the audio file under all my tracks (where it is empty) and then it will create a new audio track automatically. But when that happens the GUI freezes and shows the empty sidechain window.


What plug-ins are in use on the track? How is the Side-Chain routing made on the source track (what is the source, what is the destination; which plug-in)?

I have the following plugins on the audio channel:

And the thing is this channel is linked to a group channel which contains a pro-c 2 instance which is being sidechained by a ghost kick.
So there’s no direct routing on the audio channel itself.


Isn’t there any (modal) window (or a message) hidden behind some other window in Cubase?

Hello, No there isn’t the GUI is just completely frozen. What I just found out is that the same things happens sometimes when I try to open a project. It just keeps loading forever with the sidechain window open. And task manager still says that Cubase is working fine. A restart of Cubase fixes the issue for the project that I’m trying to open.


You are on Windows, right? Click to the Cubase icon in the Start bar. Isn’t there any unexpected window in the list of the windows here?
Wow that’s looking weird

Note: I can also click on the sidechain windows button ‘Add Side-Chain Input’ and then it opens the available inputs as it should and then I can also click on these inputs but nothing happens afterwards.


That’s really weird. Could you please mouse hove over the Cubase icon in the Strat bar? How many windows can you see here?

There’s just one window open like it says in task manager. I’m sure it has to do with fabfilter pro-c 2 or pro-mb, but there are probably so many possible causes. I’m still running Cubase 10 in windows 8 compatibility mode because Antares Auto-Tune 8.1 crashes my Cubase and I’m unable to fix that. However there are ton of Auto-Tune 8.1 instances in this project so that might cause the issue too. I don’t know it’s very anoying. I literally am scared to use that alt drag feature in every project now. Cubase 9.5 was working perfect on every level (for me).

Video of what is happening:

Note: Cubase also freezes the windows drag and drop feature in all windows applications somehow


I’m not sure about the current Auto-Tune 8 version, but I know, when Cubase 10 was released, Auto-Tune 8 was crashing Cubase 10 all the time.

I’m still having these issues… The problem even happens sometimes when I open a project. It just opens the sidechain window and freezes the loading process. Force restarting 4 times helps (I obviously don’t want to do that with 600 euro software).

Just happened to me also, was dragging a snare drum hit to do a explosion effect and side chain window popped open and had to close in task manger. Anyone found solution yet?


What was shown in the Side Chain window? Any connected buses? Is there any Side Chain involved (from our to) at the source track/channel?

+1. its happened to me several times while duplicating channel with alt+d.

+1 same problem. duplicating channel makes the side channel dialog to pop up, freezing cubase.


I’m still wondering, why does this window open. Do you use Side-Chain on the duplicated track? Or did you use it in the past? Or is it used in the bypassed plug-in?

I tried to reproduce it with the bypassed plug-in (which contains side-chain) and it works as expected here.

Could you reproduce it with Steinberg plug-ins and provide a sample project, please?

I have the exact same crash.
Win 10 here.
Cubase 10
I just tried to copy just an audio file down to create also a new track, and it freezes 100 % of the time, opening the side chain window. The track does not have any sidechain info going on.
Plugins on the track are: FAB Pro C2, Neutron Gate and FAB Pro Q3
Have to quit via the Taskmanager