Cubase 10 goes silent when I change buffer size.

When I change the buffer size within Cubase 10 it goes silent and I can’t get any playback unless I return to the buffer size I launched my PC with.

I am using a RME Fireface 400 with the latest drivers in Windows 10.

This has never happened in prior Cubase versions and doesn’t happen when I try it on Cubase 9.5 on my current setup.



Do you decreese or increase the Buffer Size? I can imagine, if you decrease, then the new value is just not enough for the system.

I have had this happening if I use my RME Raydat as windows audio.
I suspect it has to do with Windows 10 audio changes, and RME being multiclient.
In my case it happens in all Cubase versions.
Using a different audio device for Windows audio, and running the RME purely ASIO only, solved it and additionally improved performance at low latency dramatically.