Cubase 10 hangs for long minutes on startup

Cubase hangs on each startup, for over 5 minutes.
It hangs on the ‘Initializing’ window, when no extra info attached to the window bottom info line (“initialzing: blank”).

Probably not related to the Audio device, as it occurs also when configured to built-in audio device.
Doesn’t occur using Cubase 9.5.

Mac Pro 2.17Ghz 64GB
OSX High Sierra 10.13.6
Cubase 10.0.5 (latest)

Has anyone encountered this issue?

I see you use Mac. Ive noticed a delay in load also caused by Core Midi. You could check all your midi drivers and devices are current.
Im still chasing down a Core Midi crash which I only see on my iMac which occurs at Cubase load, but theres a definite delay somewhere in the Midi initialisation sequence. I can bypass the failure to find Core Midi error generated on Cubase load if I open the Macs Audio / Midi setup window for Midi on the desktop before I open Cubase.


Thanks for the lead.
I followed your advice and removed my obsolete Midi drivers,
However it didn’t make a difference.

@Steinberg, any troubleshooting procedure?

I’m not Steinberg, but it’s likely that the program is waiting for a response from a component, like a plugin. For example, on my system if I launch a project that uses VEPro, but VEPro isn’t running, Cubase sits and waits for a response till it times out, and then moves on.

As far as standard troubleshooting method goes, here’s the knowledgebase article on it:

Thanks for the link.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find any info regarding this issue.