cubase 10 hangs giving distorted sound

Hi can anyone help please ,I’ve just set up a basic track using 4 tracks of halion, piano /synth etc; and 4 tracks of vocals. On playback the track freezes and i get a horrible high pitched distortion sound and the only thing I can do to stop the issue is close the program, I’m tired of it , I’ve tried downloading latest drivers,tweeked the pc with all the must do’s but it just keeps happening.I’m running as administrator, ive changed buffer size. Im not online and all background programs firewalls etc are turned off. it cubase? is it apollo? or is it windows 10
:question: :question:
intel i 5
apollo twin usb
5oo gig hardrive
16 gb of ram
windows 10 home
cubase 10 pro


Could you try to test your system by using LatencyMon?