Cubase 10 hangs on scanning vst3 plug-ins

I’ve updated my Ilock to latest version.
Cubase 10 latest version. Fresh install.
Cubase 8.5 on same DAW works fine.
Fresh install Wavelab 9.5 also works fine.

Anybody any suggestions?

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Cubase.
Then it started up ok.
Then I tried to fix the blacklist problem for Slate Audio plug-ins.
The Cubase hangs again on startup scanning vst3 plug-ins.
2019…deja-vu feeling

Are you trying to run 32 bit VSTs? Starting with version 9, Cubase requires 64 bit VSTs. So make sure you have the latest 64 bit version of your VSTs installed.

Take a look at “Solving VST PlugIn Trouble” found in this link.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks PRock,
I’ll try the suggested solution!

:unamused: Thanks to this method I’ve found out that Slate Digital plugs (Mix rack, Overloud amps and Lustrus plates) are causing this issue.
And I just renewed my everything bundle subscription :frowning:
They all work in Cubase 8.5 :neutral_face: