Cubase 10 insert not passing signal to plug in after multi file import

I do a lot of Multitrack live recording. When I import multiple files the insert on the first channel only seems to pass signal. All the tracks play, I can load plugins into the inserts but nothing happens. Tracks keep playing but plug in shows no metering and adjusting switches, dials and other parameters on the plugin has no effect. This happens across multiple plugin types and brands.

If i create a new track and drag the file onto that track it works fine. This is a good work around but kind of a PITA.
any thoughts?

Hi Bassleigh
Have you tried pressing the little delay compensation button at the bottom left of the project page , it might be grey but if you press it to see if your plugins start working again
Constrain Delay Compensation (

Thanks for the reply, yes i tried this.
Plugs are woking on the first channel and if i add channels insert plugins work on those channels as well. it is when i import a bunch of files that are dropped in as tracks, the insert on the first channel will work as it should and the others won’t.

If I duplicate the track by right cliciking and choose “duplicate track” the same thing (no insert signal) but if add a track through the audio> Add track menu and drap of copy the file there it works fine.

Have you checked your routing and the tracks ?

Yes, I can hear the track. Not sure what other routing to check. Everything seems to be enabled as it should be. Or more specifically I don’t see any difference between the insert that works and the ones that don’t.