Cubase 10 Install - low HDD space

I want to install Cubase w/o content on my Macbook Air, which only has 128GB SSD.
Do I really have to free up 20-30GB HDD space to be able to install just the program?
It would be great to have the option to install just the application on the SSD, and the content (maybe at a later time) on an external HDD.

If this is not possible, then call it “feature request”.


Do you have another Mac from which to copy folders over?

With the download assistant you have to download the WHOLE THING. You can then choose to just install Cubase from the installer, but the WHOLE thing will be in your downloads

To answer my own question:
It is really possible and easy to only install the program.
What´s irritating is, that first you have to choose the install drive, and there it says: not enough discspace.
Here you have to click on “abort” (!), and THEN you can untick all the additional content and install just the program w/o problems.
In other installers this ist the other way round, which makes more sense.