Cubase 10 installer changes

This i found looking through the support pages.
That makes a lot of things fall into place for me, I always used to install for single user as I’m the only user of my Computers.
Going forward this should solve a lot of install problems in the future, but also might introduce some issues right now for the c10 release.

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Cubase 10: changes in the installer

Two details of the installation scheme have been changed for Cubase 10:

The option to install Cubase for ‘All Users’ or a ‘Single User’ has been removed. Now, both application and content will always be installed for ‘All Users’. In older Cubase installers, ‘Single User’ was the default option.
With Cubase 10, included content files (sound libraries) are being installed by ‘Steinberg Library Manager’, an utility which is being installed along with Cubase as a separate application. Steinberg Library Manager can also be used to manage content after the installation has been completed - for example, to move sound libraries to another location. Read more…

As I was installing the Alto Glockenspiel freebie last night, it occurred to me to check on the install path for Halion 6’s libraries. Moved quite an number out of user\appdata\Steinberg to \ProgramData\Steinberg\Halion. Did the same for GrooveAgent.