Cubase 10 - Is it possible to edit the tool buttons?

Is it possible to hide or show only certain tool buttons?
Assuming not but hoping I missed something…


Good question. I would add… or reorder the tool buttons?

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Assuming you mean the pop-up right-click toolbox, no, but that wasn’t possible in earlier versions either.
What we DID lose in Cubase 10 is the ability to resize/reorder the toolbox – it’s all on one line now.

By comparison, here’s what we could do in all previous versions of Cubase:

I meant the tool buttons in the upper toolbar, which are the same as the ones in the right click menu, just docked in the toolbar.
The new look paint tool is driving me nuts, would love to remove it.

Also no (if by paint tool, you mean color tool). The toolbox can only be removed in its entirety, as can the color menu (“Colorize Selected Tracks …”)


A good idea for a feature request, now that the featureset is to be overhaulled with the advent of a unified DAW codebase.


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