Cubase 10 issue

Hello everyone.

I bought Cubase 10 full version for myself and now I have a problem with it,every time when I’m opening Cubase when my computer is on a battery,it throw me out after 1 minute of work,but when my computer is plugged,then everything is alright and all the projects are flying.
How I can solve this problem?

Processor - Intel Core i7-8750H CPU 2.20 GHz
RAM - 16GB
System Type - 64 Bit
Windows 10 Home

Thank you!

this is 8th generation proc, so i gues, you bought a year ago, or so.

the battery must full, of course, but it can be that it can’t produce the voltage the laptop needed, a sign that the battery isn’t that well… and when the voltage drops, you are not given any notice that the battery time is up, because that depends on another read-out. i am not an expert about mA, voltage, watt etc…

this kind of procs drain the battery fast, when used at high speed… but you say, after a minute the laptop stops, you loaded a project?

my laptop hasn’t that big of battery, didn’t test cubase on battery (because this kind of programs are not really suitable, in my opinion, to operate on battery), and a has i7-9750H, 16gb and a gtx 1050 4gb. it is a 15.6 laptop, so not a lot of room for a big battery. the room is taken by the cooling, the vents are big…

i am in my studio now, working with cubase, so my laptop has not the elicenser now.

how to solve it? test your battery. there are programs for it, and windows 10 home, there are options to control health (?).

does the problem only occur with cubase?

Thank you for your answer.

Yes,the problem is only with Cubase,I’m loading a project or starting a new one,after 1-5 minutes it just throw me out to the windows main desk and that is all.
Computer is almost new,bought it 4 months ago for almost 1000 euro.

Like I said everything is alright when I’m working plugged in,because proc speed is 3.80 Ghz,but when it is on battery 1.90 Ghz. The only thing is that I’m afraid to work all the time plugged in,because I will destroy battery very fast this way.

so only cubase is thrown out, to use your words, the laptop works fine after that? cubase “crashes”?

yes laptops with i7-8750H are still sold, it was a guess. i got lucky… for same amount… but the difference isn’t that big.

on battery you can go higher, perfomance at high. slider (via battery pictorgram).

EDIT: all the time plugged isn’t that a problem, you can use the laptop on battery for other things, on regular basis.
they are different opinions about how to keep the health of your battery.

i use mainly, in the 2 months i have my laptop, plugged in. 3 times on battery.

it is a desktop replacement laptop. i have a HP, choosen because of the specs, and the cooling and: you can easily replace stuff.
so depended on the laptop, a battery can be replaced.

but if you use your laptop as a desktop replacement, the battery isn’t that important? or you want to use it on the road?

there stuff built in to keep the health. i do not know the best advice, to keep the health of the battery. didn’t google it yet… but sometimes i use it on battery, me thinks that is enough. and i was used to work with a laptop that a very bad battery, so i it was always plugged in.