cubase 10 keeps freezing

Hi is anyone having issues with cubase 10 freezing Eg: you try to add a pluginn and your mouse is powerless for 10 seconds or so it’s not all the time but it happens a lot even if you only have one audio track running it does it I’m on a PC 16GB of Ram i5 processor which should be plenty for what i’m doing
I’m not convinced that windows 10 is involved somewhere along the line i absolutely hate it windows 7 was great 10 is useless but i couldn’t load 10 via 7 it wouldn’t have it. Shall i just ditch Cubase and get studio one i down loaded the free version and it works well i just don’t want to have to re-learn another Daw. Thanks.

Sounds like maybe USB issues, too many drivers loaded? Check with USBdeview, un install the unused ones. Windows 10 needs a lot of tuning, depending on the kind. And switch windows update off with Win Update Stop.
Graphics related, and update the drivers, switch OFF hardware acceleration if possible … Visual Basics OK? DotNET OK?

Also switch off the power management for USB hubs in devicemanager, see picture:

hi thanks for this i’ll get right on it. Cheers