Cubase 10 Keyboard Focus Weirdness

Maybe I accidentally turned on an option I didn’t want.
When I’m working on a project and I want to transpose a midi clip, I double click on the clip do a Ctrl+A then hit Shift+up. This works fine mostly, but for some reason Cubase 10 seems to randomly get stuck on window focus and hitting Shift+up changes the track, not the midi clip I’m trying to edit.
Restarting Cubase seems to fix this, for a while, but eventually it starts happening again.
I’ve tried clicking back and forth between the project window, Cubase, and the MIDI editor but it seems like the only way to fix this is to restart Cubase.
It seems like Cubase is loosing track of the focus window and when it gets into that state the only fix is a restart.
This only started happening with Cubase 10, it’s a real buzzkill.


It’s not for the first time I can see this report here. Unfortunately it’s not clearly reproducible. Myself I wasn’t able to reproduce ever (Mac and Windows).