cubase 10 keyboard workflow|am i missing somthing

hi guys i need this tiny obvious function which is kinda odd to that is not happening yet and obligates me to use the mouse :cry:

  1. when i open a new channel i cant seem to be able to tab my way trough the add track setting
  2. i can navigate with the arrow keys through the inserts but when i press enter the menu wont, after i open it with the mouse i can navigate quit smoothly through the menu usin only the keyboard (that is just too frustrating)
  3. it seems there is no key command for musical mode

    am i missing something?

Hi and welcome,

  1. Yes, this is an known issue.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t got this.

  3. You are right, there is no Key Command for Musical/Linear timebase switch nor the Musical Mode of the Audio event.