Cubase 10 LE and Sound from the Computer

Hi I am new to this malarky, I have Cubase 10 LE. An iMac Running High Sierra, and am using a Lexicon Lambada interface.
I can’t get any output to my external computer speakers via the computer.
It all works fine when I use Garage Band.
Help indeed needed.

Thanks Chris

Hi and welcome,

You can use only one ASIO driver for both inputs and outputs. You cannot use Lexicon as an Input device and your internal speakers as an Output device.

In theory, you can make a Aggreagte Device in macOS to link both Audio Devices, but it’s not officially supported and recommended (you can get a snyc issues).

Hi, I bought Steinberg UR22mkII couple of weeks ago with CUBASE 10 AI enclosed. Everything´s fine dealing VST instrument and Loops and Samples except external devices (mic, keyboard etc) not to be neither detected nor recorded by my laptop, despite audio input, output and configuration have been set correctly.

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to make a new thread.

Couldy you describe your connection and Cubase settings, please?