Cubase 10 license disappeared

My dongle broke so i bought a new one, requested zero downtime and deactivated the broken dongle.
Since than my licenses disappeared in elicenser control center and in my online account.
It says: No products found on this eLicenser.

Cubase 10 is no more supported so i can’t really contact support.
I tried contacting them but no reply.
Does someone has a solution?

I still have some remaining zero downtime but i would like to solve this before i can’t use it anymore.

If the Zero Downtime process is complete, you should have received a new activation code for your Cubase 10 license. Did you not receive one?

No I still have not received one now it says: Your cubase pro 10 trail license has expiered. you cannot use it any longer.

It does not seem as if you went through the proper procedure for “Zero Downtime” …

Zero Downtime should not give you a “trial” license. That is something completely different.

Maybe it was an “All Applications” type license?

Steinberg Zero Downtime – Steinberg Support

If you had done so, you should have received a message such as this …

Did you fill out this form … ?

Yes is was an All Applications type license.
I didn’t receive any message or fill out a form.

I got the form from steinberg and have my license back.