Cubase 10 - Locator positions aren't saved with project?

I believe they were saved in previous versions because I never had to adjust them every time I opened a project. Anybody else notice this?


Locators are global. They are not stored with the project.

OK. They are at -2 to 1 when I open the file and I set them to 0 to 98 and they are back to -2 to 1 when I open it again.
Also, the 1st measure of my project is 5/4 and every time I open it it’s 3/4. I correct it, save the project and it’s back at 3/4 again. That’s gotta be an issue.


Could you attach a screenshot “before_saved” and “after_opened”, please?

Sry for hijacking …
What kind of locators your’e talking about? The left and right locators are stored with the project.
Screenshot at Feb. 18 07-21-15.png

Oh, I’m sorry, you are right. Locators position is stored with the project.

Well… It seems that the locator issue is a result of opening Reason after opening the Cubase project. The Cubase project opens correctly. In another post I stated that I can’t open Cubase, then Reason and then the Cubase project. It “stops working” every time. But Cubase - project - Reason works… except for this snafu…

But why would Reason cause the locators to move and the first bar of the project to switch from 5/4 to 3/4?


Reason is connected via ReWire to Cubase, I expect. And ReWire device has an access to these parameters.

The slave has power over the host? That isn’t right…

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on it with that in mind.