Cubase 10/Mac poor performance


I recently jumped on Cubase bandwagon, I also have and use Studio One and Reaper.

My main system is still running macOS 10.12 and uses a Clarett Thunderbolt interface.
On Studio One and Reaper I’m able to reliably track at 128 samples using 96k or 192k. 64 samples works, but with occasional dropouts.

With Cubase 10.0.20 Pro I still get drop outs even at 256 samples. My project is very simple: four tracks, no plugins or virtual instruments, I just create tracks, record arm them and enable input monitoring. Some time passes while just rehearsing the inputs and performance meter spikes and there is a drop out.

To this moment I’ve tried to tweak:

  • 32bit vs 64bit audio processing
  • ASIO guard
  • multiprocessing (disabling it made things worse)

Is there a secret to make Cubase on Mac performant on par with Studio One or just Cubase is too slow and I need a more powerful machine for it?

Very slow here, too. Just creating an empty audio track, I have to wait 1-2 seconds.

The GUI is definitely not as good as it should be. But OSX is a moving target with the transition to “metal”. Metal is supposed to be a good thing for OSX gui’s but so far it has been more or less a disaster. But you say that other like Studio One does not have this problem? I know that logic is not suffering, but it is apple and not multi platform. What about protools, have they made the move to metal yet?