Cubase 10, Marker Track, MIDI

I’ve downloaded the Cubase 10 Pro trial, and for the record this is the best Cubase upgrade that I can remember… period…
and I’ve been an owner of Cubase since 1985.
But the reason for this forum topic involves a problem I’m having from trying to Import a MIDI track of Snare hits
that was created in Logic Pro by a friend…
When I Imported the file into Cubase 10 Pro, the only question that came up was, did I want to create a new Project, which I replied No to…
When the MIDI file came into Cubase it created a Marker track. :confused:
I do not have any experience with Marker tracks.
I expected to see a MIDI track with the snare hits in it.
Is there something else I need to do with the Marker track so I can somehow access the MIDI file?
I’ve searched the manual and Youtube Cubase videos and can’t find anything that resembles my problem.

Did it create any other Track(s) with MIDI Note data on them?

If the MIDI File had marker data in it then a Marker Track will get created in addition to Track(s) with note data. If no Track with note data is created then I’d be suspicious about the note data being in the file to start with.

For debugging purposes it is probably easier to let it create a new Project - only because you’ll know that everything in it is based on what the file contained.

In any case you can blow away the Marker Track if you have no use for it.

Hi rodger, thx for the input… as I was meticulously documenting each step to report back, I found out what was causing the problem… I didn’t have my Left and Right locators positioned properly. As soon as I entered for the Left locator and the correct Right locator, the midi files appeared. ciao, Dan