Cubase 10 Master Meter display issue


I’ve got Cubase 10 Pro, for some reason my master meter display gone crazy.
Seems like a UI bug.

Tried to clear application data, re-install cubase, and disable all my plugins, but the issue still not resolved.

Any ideas?

Think I may have found the issue to fix it.

  1. are you using Automap? if so then go to 2, else it’s something else…
  2. you might have Automapped the Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3 (found under the installed Cubase 10 folder) - it’s a folder labelled as a vst3 so you can go into it and you’ll have an extra folder - dive further in and you’ll likely find the ‘!Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3’ file that Automap generated. Delete it
  3. restart Cubase 10, and the Master meter returns back to full size.

you can do this without uninstalling Automap, as it’s literally this base vst3 file that controls the visual of the master meter. You won’t be able to Automap input channel and inserts though (which does open up the Automap to the option) - so unless Steinberg are willing to ‘split’ or ‘reassociate’ the Master Meter as a separate file/library which can be re-referenced then you’ll either have the ability to control input channel + mashed up meter or no Automap input channel and have the full size meter as it should. Took a while to hunt this down, since using Automap 4.13b2 so Cubase 10.5 is included (4.12 sort of worked but 4.13 just closes the loop better now with VST3 files)