Cubase 10 missing reverence IR wavs

Have used Cubase since 1995 and this is perhaps the worst update experience yet. I upgraded from 9.5 to 10 but did so by doing a fresh install on a new laptop using Steinberg Download Assistant. I then used Steinberg Library Manager to move Content to D drive. Opening up a project made last week in 9.5, I get error popups about Reverence not finding files like:

French Stone Chapel.wav
Small Room a.wav

(^ I do see them as .halpreset files on the old system, but I can’t point to those files or drop them onto the new system to fix this…the file manager just wants to find wav files).


(^ They are there in VSTsound, I can also point the file manager to them (following the error popups ‘Locate…’) but I just get the same popups for a while…then the popups start saying "Cannot locate file: " (no file name))

When your error popups start failing too, it is time to seriously look at what is going wrong.

So instead of a clean install I have a catastrophe of an install and it still throws poorly implemented popups galore when I open old projects.

Any assistance greatly appreciated!

Have you tried to start in safe mode with preferences disabled? Preferences reset is the only thing I know of that might solve this. This should have worked perfectly. :frowning:

In Safe Mode, the licenser doesn’t pickup the license. Should I authorize Safe Mode as a new machine? I’d hate for this install to get even worse.

Don’t bother answering that question ^ thanks for taking the time to try to help earlier though.

I uninstalled all the Cubase related stuff I could. The uninstallers were not enough, manual cleanup necessary in various places, bit of a mess. Uninstallers should really address the mess.

Installed using the setup .exe (not the .MSI), and got the most “sane” install yet…which brings us to Exhibit A: Steinberg’s installation instructions: something like “just find the installer thing and install it”. Perhaps add a link to this forum and ask for forgiveness in that message too?? Comic relief, sorry.

I had to delete everything associated with Cubase 9.5, files I had copied across while attempting to fix the problems for lack of direction. Bewildered that an upgrade cannot handle, massage, and enrich (if/where need be) legacy settings.

That got rid of the god-awful waves of popups when opening Cubase, opening a project, and opening a plugin.

Some non-Steinberg plugins then needed some fixing of there own, and still do.

Not happy with stability issues surrounding basic functionality such as track selection and midi routing. Some crazy behaviours observed and find I have to restart Cubase a bit to get back to sane behaviour.

Looking forward to updates. Treat your developers well!

10.0.15 sailing smoothly, getting work done :smiley: