Cubase 10 morphing channel strip on direct monitoring

I’m just dipping my toe in cubase 10 after having used 8.5 for a while. I was just setting up inputs in the mixconsole and noticed that the hardware rack seems to behave differently.

On 8.5 you could click on the switch to change the routing so morphing channel strip was either disabled, could be applied to the signal that is recorded or bypass and only apply to the direct monitoring signal. On 10 it looks like I can only switch it on for the recorded signal or off with no option for monitoring only.

Does anyone know if I’m just being silly and need to switch something on or is this a new limit?

This no longer works by clicking. Before mine became slave units, I encountered this post an update.

You can still select the different options by using the ‘mouse wheel’ instead, while hovering over the selection button.

Oh wow! Thank you so much. I’d never have guessed that. :slight_smile: