cubase 10 new content delete

hi,i had the cubase 10 trial which has now ended,but when i load cubase 9.5 it takes a while to load,seems to be due to the new content from cubase 10.i get a box saying couldnt load certain content “the kit” etc due to trial/license issues.
how do i get rid of that content?
i uninstalled cubase 10


Uninstall Cubase 10 Content by using the uninstaller.

thanks for reply.i already uninstalled it using the uninstall or change a program feature in windows.
is there more i can do?
i have updated the elicenser and still when i load cubase 9.5 i am getting the message regarding some content could not be loaded.
the kit se presets,hip hop vault,raw ambience,mystic spaces,mpe sounds retrologue.To name a few

On the Popup Dialog informing of missing content, click the Delete or Remove button.
This should end those pesky messages on your next startup.

i dont get a delete or remove option
i get ok or more info
more info dosent help


Could you attach the screenshot, please?

here is screenshot


Find the content in this folder:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound

And delete relevant vst sound files.

thanks again,i went to that folder and those items arent there,i then went to cubase 10 folder inside app data,and deleted the folder.
started cubase 9 same problem

just ran elicenser maintenance again thinkin it might help,but no same issue


Sorry, I’m not on Windows. But there must be somewhere some content (*.vstsound), which should be deleted.

i found them on program data
can someone clarify that the content that is on the screenshot i provided is cubase 10 content?
i dont want to delete something that i shuldnt


From my experience the most save way is to uninstall/delete all content and then install back only the content I have license for.