Cubase 10 news on updates

Hi :smiley:

In between my main job, I have been playing with Cubase 10 .Any news on updates to Cubase 10,improvements etc?

Not seen anything on these forums so far,and of course just curious. :smiley:


If you´ve not seen anything, then you didn´t look thoroughly enough…

I certainly did,and I have got the latest updates.

so why you ask then…?

I haven’t seen any mention of when the next update is happening, I’m hoping soon, need to figure out if I am going to use C10 for certain projects, or 9.5, or a different program.

What problems are you having with C10?

Did you not read my post?I’m done here!!

Steinberg has always been very quite about updates. Seems they put them out when they feel they have a solid update package, and releases it with out fanfare. Usually feature updates are for new versions and .5 versions. Hope that helps.

Yes I did. You wrote you have not seen anything on the forums…

@svennilenni The forums are not the only source of Steinberg news.
@Ambientdave Ignore him buddy.

10.0.15 Update available today

Thanks! Installing… :slight_smile:

Thank you I will :smiley:
,just going through some bad personal stuff,so kinda sensitive at the minute

yeah saw that,thanks a lot :slight_smile: