Cubase 10 - NO Meters No Sound

I am using Cubase 10 on Mac Mojave
When i open project there is no meters and no sound after some minuts (5-10min) suddenly the sound comes by itself.

I have checked VST Audio System,i try to change ASIO from sound card to Built- In Audio but there is no sound?


I can confirm the same happens to me very often since the upgrade to Cub 10. Not sure that Mojave is to blame. My souncard is RME Fireface - among the best in driver stability and support. Unfortunately I can’t track the cause of this audio hang nor replicate it with certainty. Would be glad to hear if someone finds remedy.


I’m having a similar issue with Mojave 10.14.2, Cubase 10.0.10 and Roland UA-1010 Octa-Capture

I reported the problem to Steinberg support 27th Nov 2018 and also to Roland support.

I’ve have a few replies but no solution. I have been asked to reset preferences, go through the optimisation process for Macs, update all my applications etc.

I have performed a fresh installation of Mojave and Cubase on 2 Macs - iMac and MacBook Pro and get exactly the same problem with both.
As soon as I go back to High Sierra the problem is gone.

I work as an IT engineer as my day job. I have extensive experience with Macs and also over 30 years of music technology experience.
To me this isn’t an application or OS configuration issue. It seems like an underlying issue within the OS between Cubase / Core Audio / the Roland drivers and Mojave. I suspect it’s something to do with the changes in Mojave with regard to permissions to access audio hardware. Roland have assured me this isn’t an issue with their driver and I don’t get any audio issues with any other applications - just Cubase.

Here is an excerpt from my initial support ticked I logged:
After the project opens I get no audio input or output for around 20 seconds.
I can open a project, activate the metronome, press play and there’s no audio for around 20 seconds and then the click starts playing.
All other applications I use don’t seem to have this problem. However if I’m running one of these applications and start Cubase / open a new project then the audio drops out of the other application until Cubase starts playing audio.
For example I can open Adobe Audition, load a sample and play it looping. It plays fine. I start Cubase and it’s all ok. I open my default project and the audio stops in Audition and no audio in Cubase. Around 20 seconds later audio comes back in Audition and Cubase starts playing audio.

Mine takes around 10 seconds to kick in after I open a session and press play. Then it’s fine, until I open a different session.

Really i am very depressing with support & help of Steinberg about issues!
You pay such moneys and no way for direct contacting for issues :blush:

Same issue here - I did a clean install of my Mac with Mojave and C10 Pro so as clean an environment as possible.

6i6 Focusrite here, but no reason to think it is the issue.

I have the same problem, the sound when loading the project appears after 5-6 seconds. iMac (21.5-inch, late 2015), cubase 10 pro. Mac OS Mojave.

Seems to be only Mac users here, but I have this on Windows 7. Also had the same issue with Cubase 9 and 9.5, maybe even earlier versions. My fix is to close the Project then reopen it. I think it’s an old issue that never went away.

I have this issue too, 5-10 second delay before sound turns on even though the Cubase interface, transport etc are active. Doesn´t bother me that much.

Also have this issue though I am on Cubase 9.5. Really annoyed as I waited before updating to Mojave before it was given the all clear. Same as others sometimes I get no meters/sound at all. Sometimes it clicks in after a few seconds. Surely this is a bug that must be fixed with the highest priority. We have basically now got a rather expensive daw that is literally useless!

Seems like this is affecting multiple people with completely different audio setups.

The common factor is Cubase & Mojave.

Can you log a support ticket with Steinberg? I have multiple issues with Mojave and Cubase 10. It seems others do too - hopefully Steinberg are aware of these issues but if not then the more of us that log tickets the better.

Not quite. I’m on Windows 7 and have had this issue since at least Cubase 9.

So confused,u see there is no answer,no contact from the staff about issue,i think this will be fixed in the next cubase version when we will pay another “bouquet” :slight_smile:

Right now i have 30 minuts that i am waiting to get sound,there is no “beep” still!!
I think there is problem of ASIO
at this issue when i want to record there is sayng : Recording Error : ASIO driver is not running?
Cubase 10.0.10 & Mac Mojave

On my ur44 there is no 1024 and 2048 buffer sizes ((
Besides all issues youve mentioned

I’ve been informed by Steinberg Support today that this is a known issue with MacOS Mojave and that it needs a fix in the OS.
Apparently it’s also affecting Logic X and Garage Band. I don’t use either of these so can’t confirm.
They’ve asked me to download the latest Mojave 10.14.3 update and test with Cubase.
However I’m running High Sierra for the time being as I’m in the middle of an album project and need stability.
Has anyone installed 10.14.3 and can confirm if this fixes this issue or not?

I have 10.14.3, the problem is present. In other sequencers there is no problem.

Thanks for taking the time to confirm.
As Steinberg are apparently aware of this hopefully this will be resolved in the next Cubase / MacOS updates.
To be honest I’ve kind of given up on my support ticket - It’s not really going anywhere and I’m being asked to perform lots of irrelevant tests.

I will hope that the problem will be corrected. Cubase is my favorite sequencer.

When you open the project try to bypass all plugins and try to change ASIO from your soundcard to build-in then again to your soundcard,play project and wait until you got sound.This works for me right now!