Cubase 10 - Not Exporting In-Out area

I’m trying to export a project on Cubase LE Elements 10, and for some reason on this project it doesn’t want to export the full In-Out area I’ve selected. I’ve tried re-drawing the area, tried exporting a different area, tried a smaller area, and even tried messing with the loop in case that was doing something, but it just keeps exporting the same small section of the project. Can anyone help? I literally exported something else for another project just before I started this one and it was fine!

If you can provide a screenshot of the entire Cubase window someone might be able to help

In case it does help:

The bottom audio track you can see is what I got from exporting. As you can see, it’s definitely not the full track and isn’t even just the beginning!

I did manage to export this project after copying everything over to a new project and redoing everything (FX etc.) Annoyed that I had to do that, but at least I got it done. Still, I’d love to know how to solve this to save doubling my time editing in the future.

One would need to see all settings involved, including the Export dialog, to know what happened.