Cubase 10 + Nuendo 10?


Already enjoying the wide-scope functionalities of Cubase Pro 10, what good reason(s) could be given that would justify adding Nuendo (Pro) 10 to my Music-making digital workspace? I’m trying to figure out if it’s worthwhile to add Nuendo 10 to my workspace or not.

Any hints or insights on this question would be much appreciated.

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are you planing to do more post work? Then, all functions are worth it!
If you don’t do any post work - stay with cubase.

my cents

Thanks, basicX. Actually, though it interests me a great deal, I’m not really involved in the Post-production process, not yet anyway. I’m more interested to know if Nuendo 10 can add something to Cubase 10 in the composition process. From your answer, what I get is that Nuendo 10 doesn’t extend Cubase 10’s functionalities in the composition process in any meaningful way. I might sit this one out then, for the time being.

I own both because I do both music and post. Nuendo does not expand Cubase’s musical methods; it is quite a different program meant for post, rather than music.

You’re right to sit this one out.

Thanks, GNP, for clearing things up. I won’t be acquiring Nuendo, for now.

Nuendo has more advanced automation and control room functionality (to name a couple of examples) which I find essential for music production. It’s not just for post.

Twelvetwelve, your comment put me a bit on the fence. If you find a bit of spare time to dig into it, would you mind adding a bit of detail to your previous comment? What would you consider the major-league tools that Nuendo 10 adds to music production, that aren’t featured in Cubase 10?

Consider Nuendo as a platform. No matter where you want to go with your music - be it music composing, be it composing for interactive, games, post-production, Virtual Reality, Dolby mixing etc. Nuendo provides the full features set.

Since you are considering, I would highly recommend you to upgrade to Nuendo as it is almost Cubase+. If you can afford it, you will find that learning more will add much more to your musical journey. Whether you are a composer, mixer, or all of them. Besides, Nuendo is getting the video export function soon which may be extremely helpful if you work for films, music videos, documentaries etc.

However, I must also warn you that some subtle workflow and functionalities are still missing in Nuendo that are prevalent in Cubase. For example, as of writing this comment, VCA destinations are forgotten in a template, and Tool Modifier - Set Position is missing, some colour features are not the same as Cubase and so on. Well, you may or may not even know them in Cubase, but if you do, well, you decide.

Finally, with Nuendo, specially if Steinberg adds everything that Cubase has, you will probably never feel like you are missing more film scoring capabilities, more surround channels, more Ambisonics channels, more game audio possibilities, more sound design potential and so on.

Thank you both, Anam, Timo. My bent has shifted almost entirely. The picture you both give — though more nuanced in Anam’s reply (thank you for that, Anam), — provided me a far better and sharper appreciation of Nuendo as an “all in” workspace in itself for Music production, from start to finnish. I’m definitely considering getting Nuendo 10, though I’m also quite aware now what I need to put in as a musician to make it truly worthwhile.


From own experience, even a looong time ago, if you need to get work done and you are missing just one of Nuendo’s features
to elegantly swing the job, you will be thinking: buggers, why didn’t I…
We had similar discussions in the “Dark Ages” when there was NEK still in existence, which then was the add-on packet for
Nuendo of the Cubase musical features. M2C…

Cheers, Big K