Cubase 10 on Ultra Wide Monitors

I just got an LG 38WK95C ultra wide curved monitor. 38" 3840x1600 resolution. My old monitor was 2560x1440.
The updated Cubase GUI looks great on it.
When I initially installed Cubase 10, I thought the new icons looked a bit like clown mode, but they are perfect for hi-res monitors.
Nice job on the update.
I don’t know if any of this will make my music sound better, but it certainly looks better.

Hey Tom, maybe this is a bit OT here - but I consider changing to such a monitor as well. I am on Tripple head 3 x 1280x1024 since about 15 years - with Mixer stretched over all three - which worked more then pleasing the last 15 years - but the never versions of Cubase demand some kind of a higher vertical resolution (I have to scroll vertically in the mixer all the time)

My question is, which graphic card do you use? I am using a old Quad Head NVIDIA which might be not capable with that resolution as well as there are only DVI outs…


The only thing stopping me from using Cubase on a Ultra Wide Monitor is that there are no Ultra Wide TVs so I can’t duplicate the display so that clients sitting behind me can see what I’m doing on the TV on the wall. So I am jealous of you.

I use a GTX 1080

Hello there!

I have the same monitor with an rtx 2080, however I am under the impression that there no difference if is enabled or not the HiDPI. I’m I right or I cannot see the difference?