Cubase 10 only sees digital and not analog outputs on interface

I’m using an old symphony I/O via its PCIe card with cubase 10.30 on Mac OS 10.14.6. If I make a new empty project, cubase defaults to the stereo output buss using the first two digital outputs and not the first two analog outputs (yet it defaults to using the first two analog inputs for the stereo input). I cannot analog outputs 1-2 in the studio setup panel listed as active or inactive for the symphony I/O; they are not listed there at all Is this because the Mac itself has the Symphony I/O set as the output device in the system preferences? There is no other audio interface connected or audio application running that uses outputs 1 and 2 from the symphony. I don’t see any setting that controls what Cubase thinks the input or output buses should default to for channels (digital/analog) on an audio interface. Deleting the output bus and re-making it does not make any difference.


Open Studio > Audio Connections and change the Device Port of your Stereo In Bus, please.