Cubase 10 Option to use MASTER as an input is gone

To make stereo track out of a mono, I used to be able to route a mono track straight to master. Then, on a stereo track, I used to be able to select MASTER as an input option. Then I would play and record on to the new track as stereo. It used to be fast an easy.

Now, the option to select MASTER is no longer there.

Cubase 9.5 had the ability to never let a continuous “ground loop” be select so it would never let a track feedback into itself.


Do you really need a Stereo Track? Or is it Stereo Channel enough?

If Stereo Channel is enough, you can just route it to Stereo Group.

To get an Master as an input of the track, make sure the tracks’ output is not routed to the Master.

Hi Martin, thanks for replying.

I use this when I do the vocal thickening trick (as called by Warren Huart).
Say I have a vocal track recorded in mono and I want to create a stereo version of that same track. (in order to apply the thickening +3/3 +6/-6 etc etc.) I used to be able to route the mono track directly into the stereo track, press record and it would be there, it was a fast way of doing it.

Yes, I can export the track into a new stereo track which is what I will have to do now. It just made no sense to take this function/feature away.

I always route mono tracks to stereo subs.