Cubase 10 poof crash


I have a previous C9 project disappearing in C10 before it finishes loading, poof and gone. I tried saving it in C9.5 and then launching C10 from the 9.5 project saved but it poofs again. I’ve just finished a multiple song album project in C9 and chose not to upgrade to 9.5 until I’m done…and just recently upgraded to 10.

Before I start removing all plugins, I would appreciate some advice and where to go to start trouble shooting a “poof” crash problem…that is to say, Cubase completely disappearing off the desktop.



Could you share a crash dump, if it was created, please? You can find it in Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps folder.

Do you use AutoTune?

A number of us have had this. It is likely to be a plugin that C10 hates so much it vomits it out and doesn’t even leave a CrashDump. The good news is that its likely fixable.

Have a look at this thread for some tips - . It didn’t take me nearly as long as I feared to track down my rogue plugin, probably half an hour, and updating that plugin to the latest version fixed it for me.

Thanks guys. Just reading this now. No I don’t use Auto tune.


Someone should probably inform Antares company, that their plug-in is crashing with the latest Cubase version.

Having some success. So far Soundtoys LittleAlterBoy has been the culprit and cause of my poof gone crash. I updated the plugin to the latest version (making sure it’s in the correct VST folder) and now I can open the problem project…so far so good.

I’m back to 9.5 until they fix this. I spent two hours on it today.

I’m sorry, Steinberg cannot fix 3rd party plug-ins crashes and issues. The plug-in vendors have to do it.

If it works fine in 8 and 8.5 and 9 and 9.5 I think it may have something to do with 10.

Half true, but if you want it fixed sooner rather then later you’ll help yourself if you do a bit of detective work.

There are some plugins - quite a few - that cause a total Cubase 10 meltdown that weren’t a problem in earlier versions. There are a variety of methods to track it down - I imported blocks of tracks from a problem 9.0 project into a blank 10.0 one, found they all loaded ok so deduced it had to be in the FX or groups channels, which was about a dozen plugins. I loaded those into a blank project one by one til Cubase crashed. In my case it was the 1.0.0 version of Kush’s Clariphonic. I updated to 1.1.1 and now all is well.

Clearly Cubase shouldn’t be crashing this spectacularly on some plugins that previous versions had no issue with, but pragmatism wins here. In most cases I’ve read here the user found the problem after doing some tests, and was able to resolve it.

as well as plug-ins, you could look at your audio interface drivers and make sure you have the latest ones. I saw a case on the issues forum where bad behaviour was fixed by updating these.

Most of crashes in Cubase 10 due to 3-rd party plugins. As far as i know, those plugins makes Cubase 10 instantly crash without damp file:

McDSP, Soundtoys, Softube, Air, Altiverb and probably some others. Temporary solution - use J-Bridge (doesn’t work for VST3 though, only VST32/64).
And hopefully Steinberg will fix it in nearest future update.

I have a feeling it’s not just the plugins.

I’ve been loading all the possible problem plugins I have with a fresh new project in Cubase 10, and so far none of them crashed Cubase.

It just has problems loading older projects from 9.5.

Respectfully - What leap of logic allowed you to reach this conclusion? Even if it were somehow the plug-in vendors problem, the onus is on Steinberg to root out this level of incompatibility during testing. These are not just a few minor no-name vendors and plug-ins.


This is always a difficult question. Should all DAW vendors tests their DAWs with a plug-ins (what plug-ins?) or should the plug-ins vendor test their plug-ins with the DAWs?

I wonder if Microsoft is testing Windows with other (3rd party) software (and what software), same for Apple, Google (Android)… What do you think?

The fact remains, literally all the other hosts out there (including Audacity!) are simply not crashing with these exact same plug-ins, while Cubase 10 very much is. I just paid $100 for an upgrade that I cannot use in the foreseeable future.

That’s all I need to know. I’m not jumping ship. I love Cubase…there’s no alternative for me. I like 9.5. This upgrade sucks though. I’d ask for my money back if I could until they sort this out.


To be fair - Steinberg does not have to solve the problems for 3rd party software developers. Those developers have probably used some “dirty coding tricks” to make their plug-ins work with Cubase 9.5 (probably because their plug-ins where crashing or hanging Cubase 9.5 in the first place). Those “tricks” obviously do not longer work with the new Cubase version. As Steinberg most likely have no access to the source code of those plug-ins (no scrap that - it’s simply certain that they have no access), they have not even the faintest idea what causes the hang or crash of those plug-ins. It’s impossible to know what is happening “under the hood” of those plug-ins, so Steinberg cannot even know where to start. In my humble opinion it’s indeed the 3rd party developers of those plug-ins to make them work with the new version of Cubase.

Cubase is a very complex beast with a lot of stuff going on. If plug-in developers keep their stuff to the specs given by Steinberg, there should be no crashes or hangs. On top of that - most developers get access (mostly under NDA restrictions) to release candidate builds of Cubase, to they could and should make certain their plug-ins work with the new Cubase version. As said above, it is almost impossible for Steinberg to figure out what exactly goes wrong “under the hood” of those plug-ins.

And to be fair again. Almost every major update from every DAW I have used in the last years has some problems of another with some plug-in or whatever. The more complex the DAW is, the more “points of failure” are present. Mind you - I do not say Steinberg does not have to solve problems if they are capable to do so, but plug-in developers have to do their job too.

Just my 2 cents…

A problem with that argument, Jclosed, is that Steinberg developed The Blacklist to supposedly solve these problems. Each plugin is safely tested and if found wanting, it should go into the blacklist. Something about that process has broken in Cubase 10, that some plugins go straight to the Instant Poof Crash bin. That is Steinberg’s responsibility first and foremost, not the developers, and hopefully will be corrected in C10.0.10.

Once blacklisted, the responsibility THEN passes and its up to the plugin developer to rewrite the code.

A few methods to fix crashes when loading your old projects in Cubase 10:

  1. Run Cubase 10 in Windows 8 compatibility mode or run this project in Cubase 9.5
  2. Add to the first insert slot of your master channel plugin called Microshift by Soundtoys and save the project. The reason you should use 1-st insert slot of Master channel is because it’s the first channel loading upon project opening and plugin microshift should be loaded before plugines that crashes (for example MCDSP plugins or Softube plugins).
  3. Run this project in Cubase 10 without any issues with bypassed Microshift plugin.

Other method is using Jbridge in case of vst2 version of plugins. Won’t help with VST3 plugins though.

Using this method solved all my crash issues during opening old projects.