Cubase 10 preferences & presets

So, i booted up cubase 10 today after a trouble free session last night. upon loading a VSTi I would not get any sound from pressing on my controller keyboard. i could see i had incoming MIDI via the activity window and i had the right MIDI input selected in the track inspector for the VST but nada. it works fine if i use the mouse and click on the VST GUI Keyboard so it was not an audio issue, definitely MIDI, I just could not work out why when it was working fine last night. everything looked normal in studio setup>MIDI and everywhere else. Loaded up MIDI monitor and again, no issues.

now onto the preferences part.

at my wits end still with no sound, i removed the UserPreferences.xml file from user>library>preferences>cubase 10 and re-booted cubase and voila, it works as expected i had my sound back. not so bad i thought, i just need to re-do my preferences. when i go into cubase preferences my recently deleted cubase 10 preferences along with my old cubase 9.5 preference presets are still available for selection. Cubase 9.5 was un-installed ages ago. i clicked on the cubase 10 presets which i though i had deleted and my no sound issues were back.

so what i would like to know is

  1. where do the user preference presets get saved when you set your own up and save them, i named mine cubase 10 prefs so assume there is a file somewhere called this? i want to delete this file along with the 9.5 preferences I’m being offered. there is no Cubase 9.5 folder anymore at user>library>preferences>

  2. what is the userpreferences.xml file if its not what i saved during preference creation? and why deleting it fixed my issues but a file with another name made them come back.

I’ve got to say, cubase preferences have always been a bit of a dark art and a nightmare. the fact they load when they want to and randomly change my track colours is for another thread.

not the way i wanted to spend my bank holiday afternoon