Cubase 10 Preferences with Dark Colors Causes Cubase 10.5 to Make All Events in the Project Window Transparent!

As shown here:

Also, it is no longer possible to make things very dark grey or black. I made a Dark Theme preferences file here: Which still ranks high on Google for Cubase 10 Dark Theme. It’s no longer possible to make Cubase look dark like this. You can only do a light-ish grey type of color. If you download the file linked in the article in 10.5 which is here and load it into 10.5 Cubase it will cause the transparency issue as that is the exact file I am loading in the video. Even after loading it, setting to default as shown in the video did not work. I had to manually replace every single color and save a new preferences preset.


To me it looks, you are using some Windows GUI extension, to get macOS look. How is it in Cubase without this extension, please?