Cubase 10 Pro 10.0.60 audio goes crazy every few hours

This is the current release and it’s mostly pretty good but has this new problem which I didn’t see in the previous release. Working fine for an hour (or five) when the audio suddenly goes crazy, totally garbled. If I save the project and close Cubase (not just the Project) and reload, all is fine again. It usually happens when I’m editing (audio or midi) but since that’s what I’m up to 95% of the time, so that’s probably not meaningful.

Anybody seen this? Any ideas?


Could you try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please?

What do you suggest as a value? It’s at 512 now.


Sorry, there is no generic value. It depends on the individual system, its components, shape (both HW & SW).

Is there any document that explains the function of this parameter? I don’t even know if I should increase or decrease it, or what maximum/minimum limits are.


As I mentioned 3 days ago…

Pretty rude way to blow off my question. I am trying to understand what I Am being asked to do. It is not obvious to me why buffer size is related to this kind of corruption of the audio engine.


You said, you don’t know, if you should increase it or decrease the Buffer Size. So I answered, you should increase it.

The reason is that if “the audio suddenly goes crazy”, it very often means, the system becomes busy and the CPU doesn’t have enough time to deliver the processes. Therefore you have to increase the Buffer Size.

I was thinking your priority is to get rid of the problem, so I tried to provide a solution as fast as possible. Once you have working system, we can discuss a theory, where for example Google can help a lot too.