Cubase 10 pro - 2 problems occured at the same time

Hello there,

All of the sudden i have encountered 2 problems that never happened before to me, so i hope someone here has some solution.

  1. Cubase now always performs full initialization upon startup, which before, usually never did. Maybe sometimes (like on a monthly basis or even less often).

  2. My audio interface has disappeared from the ASIO Driver dropdown menu (under VST Audio System) and each project i open has unmapped analog / stereo out ports.

The thing is, under windows (or foobar or similar) i see my audio interface and everything works fine. The problem is only in Cubase. I have tried opening cubase in safe mode and the problem is still present.

My Audio Interface is RME Fireface UCX II (latest drivers recently updated).
OS is Windows10.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

I would try to reinstall Cubase. Make sure you install it as administrator, please.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply, do you have any suggestion for an “easy” reinstallaltion process (where 3rd party plugins, preferences, etc. wont be lost) or should i start panicking?


If you just reinstall Cubase nothing is going to be lost.

You can either uninstall it first and then install it back (as administrator). Or you can start the installer and select to repair the application.

Hi again,

Did use repair option for Cubase, but initally with no luck.
However the generic ASIO driver was now istalled with it and i could see it on the list of ASIO Driver.
So i reinstalled both drivers and firmware update for my RME card and now Cubase finally detected it.

Thanks for the help

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Also, the initialization process now seems much faster than before