Cubase 10 Pro 50% dump

Now that’s a nice one, for 30 years being a loyal paying customer, infact even with Pro24 before that. And now you can buy it at half price, and to boot Steinberg dares to call that a celebration??
What a downer, letting us loyalists having paid the full price before that. Sales should not reward the newbies, but reward us old clients first, if they want to celebrate. IT SUCKS, STEINBERG !!!

Well. They should at least offer great upgrade prices :confused: Kinda weak that they didn’t offer that. That is one way they can reward their customers.

crazy that atm the price to buy full cubase 10 pro is cheaper than upgrading my cubase 6. Upgrades should be 50% off as well. existing customers deserve it as much or more than new customers

But they are. Go to the website and select something to buy.

Considering the there are several threads on the same topic, I’ll lock this one.