Cubase 10 Pro (64 bit) severe graphics issue!!

Apart from many other issue Cubase 10 Pro (64 bit) looks like a complete mess here (see attached screenshot) and unusable for me.
While tweaking colors in the preferences menu suddenly the whole GUI got green and messy.
I restarted the program several times, but it stayed that way. I have reinstalled it and loaded the previously saved user preferences
(saved the file before) because I don’t want to set up everything again (it took a lot of time), but unfortunately the same
GUI mess happened again. I have had many more issues with Cubase 10 Pro here on Windows 10, which I can’t accept considering the price I have paid.
I am going to sell it immediately and will probably never buy anything from Steinberg again. I am shocked how many issues this software has. I have never seen so many bugs in any other DAW/Software. Even the transient detection was way off at one time for no reason. Very unreliable. Good luck Steinberg.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

If it doesn’t help, try to update your graphics card driver. Or try to use in integrate graphics card instead of a dedicated one.